We are the Regional Paediatric HIV Unit for the West Midlands, and we take this responsibility seriously. The Paediatric HIV team supports over 100 HIV Positive children living in the West Midlands  Region, ages ranging  from1to 19 years old. The majority of our children take daily medication which controls the progression of their HIV and allows them to lead full and healthy lives. The team provides specialist advice and support to our children and their families to help them cope with the many issues that can arise when living with HIV. We also support HIV Positive women and their babies throughout the 2 year period that testing for HIV takes place.

There are currently around 1200 children in the UK who are infected with HIV. Their average age is 11, and all are part of several national networks to which we contribute key and confidential data. These include the National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood and the Collaborative HIV Paediatric Study. Data related to the children is updated annually by the Children’s HIV Association, making epidemiological information about paediatric HIV highly accurate and useful to service design and provision.

More About Our Children’s Services

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