The Directorate of Infection at Birmingham Heartlands hospital have been managing HIV inpatients since the 1980s. They are jointly managed by HIV and Infectious disease consultants to ensure that a high quality of care is provided. The nursing and multidisciplinary team includes therapists, dietitians, and pharmacists who work in both outpatients and inpatients ensuring continuity of care. Furthermore, the nursing team have accumulated a great deal of experience from working on a general infectious disease unit dealing with a range of infections.

Our established care pathway into inpatient treatment offers peace of mind to patients whose HIV complications require admission into hospital. We provide rapid, responsive care monitored by a consultant-led multi-disciplinary team [MDT] which is matched to the often complex and life-threatening complications of HIV. Our HIV-specialist nurses, pharmacists and consultants are all part of this care, as are our colleagues from all other relevant disciplines.

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