Today’s treatment for HIV provides the opportunity to a live a full life with a nearly normal life expectancy – and outcomes are improving all the time. Treatment can ensure you are less infectious, and, provided you are diagnosed early, with proper adherence and communication with your doctor you will experience minimal complications.


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More About Our Treatment Services

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We focus on rapid delivery of treatment. One of our fully-trained experts will carry out a treatment consultation with you no more than two weeks following your initial diagnosis – in particular cases (for instance, if a patient is diagnosed whilst in hospital), we may see you as quickly as 24 hours following your results. At this stage, your precise plan and regimen will begin to be devised in consultation with you, as we understand your condition and your lifestyle better together.

This initial meeting will discuss your Your management plan will include an array of measures, including clinical and ‘psychosocial’: we believe in a holistic care plan that enables you to deal with every aspect of your condition appropriately and healthily.

If you miss appointments or even move city or centre, don’t worry: we have the mechanisms in place to ensure you stay in treatment, and continue to see your specialist carers as regularly as you should. Psychological, emotional and peer-support services can be as crucial as Antiretroviral [ARV] drugs to your ongoing wellbeing, and we therefore tailor a patient’s management plan to their precise needs.

We understand that, as well as the clinical factors, the stigma and social pressure which still revolves around HIV can represent factors when approaching a new

diagnosis and the ongoing management of your condition. That’s why our specialist HIV care focuses on providing a secure, non-judgemental environment which prizes confidentiality and discretion. We believe this is the best way to work with you to ensure your HIV is kept under control

for the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, we recognise that people can become disengaged from care for all sorts of reasons – including financial, social and psychological – and we work to minimise the impact of these difficulties. We understand the challenges that can be faced by HIV-positive patients, from simply missing an appointment to a total change in circumstance or location, and have therefore put in place a series of safeguards which can transition patients from one care centre or team to another where appropriate.

We maintain records that measure our services against all these benchmarks, which we are proud to meet and exceed – but we’re still constantly improving our service in the light of our findings. You can explore this section further to learn more about our treatment plans and philosophies. If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.