As one of the leading services in the Midlands, we work with all the clinics in our region, sharing good practice and ensuring that care in all centres meets high standards.

HIV is a complex condition which requires the interaction of a number of specialities and organisations. We believe very much in the power of collaboration to improve and enhance the lives and care of those living with HIV: from clinical specialists to charity workers, educators to counsellors, our HIV care is multi-layered and offers the expertise and support patients need to live life to the fullest with HIV.

More About Collaboration

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People living with HIV are more than patients: they are people who have holistic needs. HIV touches every part of a person’s life, but by collaborating with partners, together we can ensure that its effects are not unnecessarily negative.

For instance, we work closely with GPs and primary care: your HIV will affect the decisions other clinicians should make elsewhere, so it can be really useful to disclose to your GP. We provide the support that can help make this process easier and as confidential as possible. Once a GP knows your status, they can avoid drug-to-drug interactions and act as a primary point of contact for relevant queries.

In addition to the doctors, advisors, charities and peer support organisations with which we work, we also maintain key relationships with specialist mental health services, substance misuse services, antenatal services and social services. These key services can provide crucial long-term support for condition management, and empower and enhance the care we devise together in-clinic.