Committee Chair – Pete.

Hello my name is Peter Browne, I have been HIV positive for over 10yrs. I got involved in Patients Forum to try and make a difference when changes are taking place, we the patients must have a voice when changes are happening that effect our service and make sure that its in the best interest of us all. So please come join us at Heartlands Patient Forum.

Deputy Committee Chair – Tom.

I was diagnosed in February 1986 and have been a patient at Heartland’s since the service  began in 1990 (?).  I am passionate about empowering people living with HIV to lead the full and happy life we all deserve. I have founded and co-founded several national and local groups for other positive people. I joined this Forum in April 2017.

Committee Secretary – Rachel.

I have been diagnosed and using the service at Hawthorn House for almost 3 years. I am passionate about the excellent personal service I receive.  I volunteered at the Patient Forum in April 2017,  to express my views and help maintain the services current high standards for myself and other patients. I have made many new friends as part of the forum.

Promotions – Jackie.

I was diagnosed in April 2015 with late stage HIV. I have had lots of brilliant support from Hawthorn House during this time. I joined the Patient Forum to ensure that our service continues with the high standard of patient care. I am an activist for Saving Lives and Positive West Midlands to encourage other people to take the test, so that they will not end up late stage diagnosis and offer support to people living with HIV.