1. Matthew |

    I have been under the care of the team since 1998. They have always been professional, friendly, supportive and have always taken the best care of me. The annual health check and trials I have been involved in over the years have been informative and helpful to my staying well. The whole team health advisers, pharmacists, reception staff, doctors, nurses, dieticians etc are all approachable and very knowledgeable. I have huge admiration and owe thanks to them all.

  2. Pete |

    Everybody was friendly, approachable, warm and knowledgeable. Concerned and interested in my well being

  3. CN |

    Ever since I started coming here, I have been more confident with myself, not only mentally but physically too

  4. MK |

    Great team! treated like an individual not just a number like I was at another local hospital

  5. Giles |

    I always feel comfortable attending the clinic, The staff are always friendly and cheerful. I always feel I am given time to ask any questions and feel listened to. I am made to feel Im in control of my own treatment..This is why I moved my care to the Heartlands team. They provide a first class service.

  6. Sally |

    Need new phone lines to rebook or change appointments. Great team. Thanks

  7. LG |

    I have been using this clinic for over 10 years and although Ive had blips taking my tablets over the years, I have always been accepted back to try another avenue, Im sure ive angered some Drs, Health Care Professionals etc by not sticking to a regime. My treatment and or the attitude of staff has not changed other than improvement. It is relaxed, informal and all staff are friendly and excellent in their field.

  8. Justin |

    Friendly staff, always make you feel comfortable, have never had any problems with waiting times

  9. NP |

    Please use more technology eg Appointments, signing in, reduce time taken for taking bloods to consultation with doctor. Can I not do bloods at other locations and then meet Dr at Heartlands?

  10. Sam |

    So happy with these guys! Could not ask for more! Respect, smiles, helpful, professional yet friendly

  11. Tony |

    Extremely friendly staff who after several visits almost seem like a family atmosphere, Always pleased to see you and welcoming, if there are any problems they are always happy to help, staff always ask how you are doing and appear to always have your best interests at heart. Staff almost became like friends after a short period of time and always professional. Excellent!!!

  12. SM |

    I have always felt comfortable, Dr Robertson has been excellent along with the rest of the team


  13. Brian John |

    I am now into my 24th year of being positive.The help and support from this unit has always been the major factor in me remaining healthy.David White has always been on hand to help and guide me over the years;I would recommend Heartlands wholeheartedly.

  14. TJ |

    I was diagnosed with HIV back in 1985 – in those days it was considered terminal, so I resigned myself to that fact and made certain arrangements for the few years I thought I had left to live – and here I am 31 years later – enjoying a normal, healthy life – all thanks to the Heartlands HIV Team and in particular Dr Steve Taylor – my guardian angel 🙂

  15. David W |

    I would just like to thank Jo Logan in the HEP C care team for the amazing support she has offered me over the last few months while I have been having treatment for Hep C. It has been like having a friend at the end of the phone or text. Jo has got me appointments at the last minute to see consultants when I was in a bad mind space and needed some support. She has ran around trying to get me extra pills as I was away on holiday. She has called labs to try and get results for me to keep me going. When things have not been looking so good she got me an appointment with my HIV Doctor within 24 hours: its just totally amazing.

    I can really say how my Jo and everyone else in the HIV / Hep C team have and go on helping me. It doesn’t really matter what happens everyone is personal, professional and just wants to help. The HIV service at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital is 1st class, it should be the model for all HIV care centres in the NHS. Anyone who thinks this services should be cut, changed or incorporated into something else is not understanding the needs of the community this service supports.

    Other HIV services I have used are NOT like this and need to change. HIV Services at Heartlands are a shining example of success. And the work of Dr Steve Taylor should not be overlooked.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart: you are all doing amazing things.

  16. CK |

    In the 10 years I have been attending this clinic I have never had cause to complain. Always professional and friendly and I would recommend the clinic services to anyone

  17. Eric |

    Some five years ago I was diagnosed with HIV and cannot thank the wonderful non-judgemental staff at Heartlands. Every 3 months I now turn up for bloods and checks with Doctor Watson and each visit I tell the doctor I am fine and in good health and feeling great. Yesterday I went to my normal meeting and said ” I am not too good actually, I feel down, loosing confidence, dirty, letting my family and staff at the clinic down, etc etc etc.” “He said it is not uncommon and that he was a little concerned the last time I visited” he knew me so well!.
    The support system kicked in immediately, I was met by the relevant professionals all of whom were very supportive and understanding. I had initiated a story about how I actually got HIV at the beginning of my visits and the truth plus everything “else” came flooding out.
    Do I feel any better, today No!, I feel dreadful but the staff I have come to know and the staff I have just met, I know will be supportive and will definitely get me through this patch.

    I love them all and apologise to them all for being so weak at times. I need to go now as I am not that good at writing and am starting to ramble. I just know I am in excellent hands and owe them so much.

    Kisses to you all and my sincere thanks.


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