Our clinics are based within the Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine which is adjacent to the Department of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

For directions to Heartlands Hospital, please click here.

For enquiries regarding the HIV service, phone clinic reception on 0121 424 2847.

HIV Consultant and Specialist Clinics

Our HIV Clinics run Monday – Friday, and every HIV Clinic is supported by:

  • HIV Specialist Pharmacists
  • HIV Specialist Dietitians
  • HIV Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • HIV Specialist Occupational Therapists
  • HIV Specialist Health Advisors
  • HIV Sexual Health Nurses
  • Specialist Infectious Diseases consultants

Clinic Times (closed bank holidays)

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 Day MON 09:00-13:00  MON 14:00-17:00 
HIV/ HIV Family Clinic: Dr. Stephen Taylor, Dr. David White
HIV  Paediatric Clinic: Dr. Steven Welch
Adult HIV/ HIV Family Clinic: Dr. Sarah BarrettAdult HIV/ HIV Pregnancy Clinic: Dr. Jenifer Short
HIV Paediatric Clinic: Dr. Steven Welch
Monthly HIV/TB Clinic: Dr. Martin Dedicoat / Dr. Sarah Barrett
Monthly HIV/ Adolescent Clinic: Dr. Steven Welch / Dr. Claire Robertson
Bi-Monthly HIV/ Hepatitis clinic: Dr. David Mutimer/ Dr. Stephen Taylor
 Day TUE AM 09:00-13:00 
Adult HIV Clinic: Dr. David White/Dr John Watson, Dr. Stephen Taylor
Monthly HIV Renal Clinic: Dr. Joyti Bahrani / Dr. John Watson
Monthly HIV Preconception Clinic: Miss Elizabeth Payne/ Dr. Stephen Taylor/ Dr. D White
 Day WED AM 09:00-13:00  WED PM 17:00-19:30 
HIV Clinical Nurse led new patient Clinic  Adult HIV Clinic: Dr. Claire Robertson, Dr David White/ Dr John Watson
HIV pharmacist and dieticians led ARV START clinic 
 Day THURS AM 09:00-13:00  THURS PM 14:00-17:00
Adult HIV Clinic: Dr. Sarah. Barrett, Dr. Stephen Taylor, Dr. Erasmus  Smit
Monthly HIV Dermatology Clinic: Dr. Alena Salim/ Dr. Erasmus Smit
HIV pharmacist and dieticians led ARV START clinic 
 HIV pharmacist and dieticians led ARV start clinic 
 Day FRI AM 09:00-12:00  FRI PM 14:00-17:00 
Early morning nurse led blood taking clinic  Adult HIV Clinic: Dr. Claire Robertson, Dr. John Watson
Monthly HIV Metabolic Clinic: Dr. Sharad Taheri / Dr. Claire Robertson
HIV Virtual Clinic: Regional ART Advice (for professionals only)
Co-ordinators: Dr. Steve Taylor, Dr. Ras Smit, Dr. John Watson
Members: Dr. David White, Dr. Sarah Barrett, Dr. Claire Robertson, Dr. Jenifer Short, Dr. Steven. Welch; Dr. Hussam. Osman, Dr. Martin Dedicoat, Dr. Neil Jenkins, Dr. Mark. Bailey, Dr. Christopher Ellis , + Specialist HIV Pharmacists/Dieticians/CNS’s
Request forms can be obtained from artadvice@heartofengland.nhs.uk