I am the Senior Sister and manager of the Department of Infection where the Heartlands HIV Service is based. I have worked within the Heartlands HIV service for approximately ten years. Before that I worked in general outpatients, elderly care and the Infectious Diseases ward at Heartlands [formerly East Birmingham Hospital].

My role is to manage the nursing staff and ensure the general smooth running of the clinics, as well as assisting in the planning of new services and initiatives to improve the Heartlands HIV service.  I am also financially accountable for running the department within a specified budget.

I was a student nurse in the 1980s at the beginning of HIV, and have witnessed over the years the many changes and advancements in HIV diagnosis, treatment and care. This has been largely due to ongoing research into more effective medications. I have also seen the Heartlands HIV service expand over the last ten years with our Team now consisting of many specialists including Pharmacists, Dietitians, research and specialist nurses, Psychologists and many more.

My aim is to continue to develop and improve the service we provide, and also to encourage and enable the clinic nurses in particular to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of HIV so they have the ability to become the senior HIV nurses of the future.