Dr White has been working in HIV in Heartlands hospital since he came here as a trainee in 1989.  Together with Dr Drake he opened the Sexual Health department in Hawthorn house in 1992.  He has been privileged to work with some wonderful people and also be part of the life of many wonderful people as patients. Perhaps the single most memorable moment of his HIV career was at the Vancouver International HIV conference in 1996 when it became clear that complete suppression of viral load with what is now HAART was possible.

He is very happy to be gong grey with his long term patients many of whom he would also regard as friends.  His specific interest in HIV medicine is in the science behind medication adherence i.e. why and how people manage to take their medication.  As well as this he has been involved with many of the MRC and other trial over the years and has run many of the most significant international studies that we have been involved with as the local investigator.  He plans to be here for at least a few more years.