HIV patients may require High Dependency or Intensive Therapy Unit [HDU/ITU] care as part of their inpatient admission. We understand the importance of clear pathways into HDU/ITU, and therefore co-locate with HDU and ITU services. This means we can provide appropriate and smooth escalation of care to HDU and ITU when necessary.

We are committed to being responsive to patient needs, and transfer to ITU and HDU is therefore as seamless as possible. The Units include 24-hour access, 24-hour availability of pharmacy services and specialist advice, and a consultant-led multidisciplinary team [MDT] on hand at all times.

The HIV specialists who look after inpatients outside of ITU and HDU are present with those units, too: HIV specialist nurses, specialist inpatient consultants, diagnostic laboratory services and other specialist surgical resources are all available to ITU patients. Likewise, peer support is on hand as and when it is needed.

Our ITU inpatients also enjoy access to the same dietetic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language services as other inpatients, up to and including full rehabilitation opportunities. Our state-of-the-art ITU also provides around-the-clock access to our on-site negative pressure and imaging units.

Admission to ITU suggests serious health implications: but our comprehensive services offer the absolute best and most attentive, responsive care possible.