Common Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccines for People Living with HIV

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Is the vaccine safe for people with HIV?

“The Department of Health guidance is clear that people with HIV, regardless of CD4 count, should have a COVID-19 vaccine. None of the currently available COVID-19 vaccines is live so the vaccines cannot cause COVID-19.

 “We are recommending all of our patients take the Covid-19 vaccine if it is offered to them.  We also recommend all of our patients have the annual Influenza vaccine if they have not already had it and a Pneumococcal vaccine PCV-13 which is only required once. Both of these can be obtained via your GP or pharmacist” 

Birmingham Heartlands HIV service
Queen Elizabeth HIV Service

Most commonly asked questions in clinic

This information for HIV positive patients about COVID-19 vaccination has been adapted from HIV i-Base and the British HIV Association (BHIVA).   Dr Steve Taylor from Heartlands HIV Service is a Medical Advisor for HIV i-base. He has reviewed this data. In his opinion answers to the questions are correct at the time of publication 8-1-2021.  The Information is take from, and updated regularly at, iBase.

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Where can I get more information?

The following links are to different sources for more information.

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