Election 2015 – five HIV asks for the next UK Government


Ballot-Box-4x3The National AIDS Trust and HIV Scotland have joined together to identify the key priorities for the new Parliament which will reduce HIV transmission and improve the lives of people living with HIV across the UK. They are calling for commitments in five key areas – human rights, sex and relationships education (SRE), HIV prevention, training to end stigma and support for HIV-related sickness and disability.

Their ‘Five asks for the next government’ are as follows:

1. Retain the protections set out in the Human Rights Act.

2. Introduce compulsory Sex and Relationships Education.

3. Make HIV prevention a national public health priority.

4. End HIV stigma in the NHS and social care.

5. Ensure that people affected by HIV-related sickness of disability have the support they need.

You can read more about these in the NAT’s press release, and download the ‘Five Asks’ leaflet, here [PDF].

Deborah Gold, chief executive of NAT (National AIDS Trust), said: “HIV has already been talked about during the general election but now we need to focus on how we can decrease the number of people getting HIV in the UK, how we can reduce the shocking levels of stigma and ignorance around the disease, and how we can ensure people living with HIV are treated with respect and dignity.”


So, what do you think ?