HIV Team at Pride


birminghamprideThe team from Heartlands HIV Service  is at Birmingham’s PRIDE event this weekend, promoting good sexual health – and offering free postal HIV tests thanks to the people at TakeATestUK.

TakeATestUK, formerly known as HIVTestUK, is managed by the national HIV charity Saving Lives, and they are currently offering free postal tests to anyone with a valid code (we’ll be handing them out, don’t worry).

That’s why we’ll be encouraging revellers at PRIDE to take a test and know their status. One in five of those living with HIV do not know they are infected – and that means they could be passing on their infection and becoming more sicker than they need to.

Late diagnosis is associated with greater complications and mortality rates – and taking a simple blood test is the only way to learn whether you are HIV positive early.

We’ll be handing out flyers at PRIDE with special voucher codes printed on them. These will allow one person access to a free postal HIV kit requested online via the TakeATestUK website.

This is all thanks to the great people at Saving Lives – so look out for their volunteers, and ours, this weekend at PRIDE … and take the test!

So, what do you think ?