Midlands and East Region: ART Guidance Published: What Does It Mean For You?

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A leaflet written for and by people living with HIV has been published which explains how decisions about prescribing HIV medications are made in the region. You can download it both below and from our Professional section’s Regional Guidelines page.

This leaflet relates to the document published in response to a request from NHS England to the HIV Clinical Reference Group members from the Midlands and East Regions. Implementation guidance was developed by the CRG and has now been published in its final form. The document includes:

  • Recommendations for starting and switching ART regimens
  • Starting regimens flow chart
  • Examples of starting regimens using the price banding approach
  • Starting ARTs Banding Graphic
  • ART Audit and MDT approval form for starting ART regimens (double sided)
  • Switching regimens flow chart
  • ART Audit and MDT approval form for switching ART regimens (double sided)
  • Switching ARTs Bands Graphic
Midlands and East Region: Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Prescribing Implementation
Guidance for Adult and Adolescent Patients Starting and Switching Treatment 2017 [PDF]
HIV medication options in your area: information for and by HIV positive people [PDF]

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