Next Patient Forum: Wednesday 19th July 2017


  • A patient forum or panel is something which is set up ‘by patients for patients’ to ensure you receive high quality care.
  • We’ve previously had meetings  11th Jan 2017, 15th Feb, 26th April and 8th June here at Hawthorn House.
  • It’s a group of patients who are willing to listen, discuss and then represent patient views.
  • The forum is also an opportunity to find solutions in response to issues highlighted.
  • Not everything can always be influenced or changed, but we can guarantee a discussion and some things can change! The evening clinic came about because of patients voicing their need.
  • The forum enables the service  to consult with you about potential changes/service developments.
  • It also gives the service the opportunity to listen, understand and respond to your needs and expectations.
  • A forum is for detailed discussion between patients, clinical staff and if needed, managers – whose main aim is to maintain but also improve  quality of care.
  • This is a great opportunity for our community to have and express a view about the Trust merger with University Hospital Birmingham.

Patients can have a voice in an organised way via the forum – but it’s not for individual, personal complaints. These must be dealt with in the usual way on an individual basis.

Next meeting  –   Wednesday  19th July  2017 at 6pm.  Hawthorn House, Heartlands Hospital.

Would you like some more information?  Are you worried about attending?  Would you like to express thoughts/ideas but can’t attend?  Would you like to attend the next session?  Email  or telephone 0121 424 0980 / 2360.

Please let us know if you intend to come along so we can arrange seating/refreshments.

So, what do you think ?