Patient Forum Dates: August and October


The dates for the next meetings of our patient forum have now been announced. They will be held on:

  • Wednesday 30th August 2017

  • Wednesday 11th October 2017

A patient forum or panel is something which is set up ‘by patients for patients’ to ensure you receive high quality care.

We’ve previously had meetings  11th Jan 2017, 15th Feb, 26th April, 8thJune and 19th July here at Hawthorn House.

It’s a group of patients who are willing to listen, discuss and then represent patient views.

The forum is also an opportunity to find solutions in response to issues highlighted.

Not everything can always be influenced or changed, but we can guarantee a discussion and some things can change! The evening clinic came about because of patients voicing their need.

The forum enables the service  to consult with you about potential changes/service developments.

It also gives the service the opportunity to listen, understand and respond to your needs and expectations.

A forum is for detailed discussion between patients, clinical staff and if needed, managers – whose main aim is to maintain but also improve  quality of care.

This is a great opportunity for our community to have and express a view about the Trust merger with University Hospital Birmingham.

Patients can have a voice in an organised way via the forum – but it’s not for individual, personal complaints. These must be dealt with in the usual way on an individual basis.

So, what do you think ?