Psychological Services: A Patient’s Guide



We offer a full range of psychological services to our patients here at the Heartlands HIV Service.  These are optional, but we believe also extremely important.

To help patients – and you! – understand these services better, our team has produced a short guidebook. This leaflet takes you through what the services are, how they can help, and the types of staff who deliver them. The idea is to help you and others decide whether or not attending a psychological clinic would be right for you at this point in your treatment.

Your clinician will talk with you if they think psychology might be helpful. This leaflet is a really excellent introduction to the service. People usually meet with a psychologist if their issues relate directly to living with HIV/diagnosis/HIV medication, or it affecting how a person manages their HIV.

You can download the PDF leaflet by clicking here, or by visiting our Psychological Services page.

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