What is PrEP? And where Can I Get It?

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LOGOPILL-1We recently added a PrEP page to our Treatment section. We understand the interest people have in PrEP, and if your want to talk to about the treatment, then our HIV health advisers would be happy to talk to you. We do not, however, currently offer PrEP.

There is an excellent website for more information: iwantprepnow.co.uk launched on 5th October 2015. Its aim was to help people purchase genuine generic PrEP online safely in the absence of access on the NHS. “What started as guide to starting PrEP quickly grew to become something of a catalyst for change not just within the MSM community,” they told us. “After being presented on at BASHH, BHIVA and the EATG conference in Barcelona it soon garnered interest from supportive clinicians from within the NHS who have worked with IWPN in negotiating with their appropriate trusts and the GMC to provide free PrEP support to generic PrEP users in numerous clinics across London and the rest of the UK.

“Some clinics are now offering TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) tests which measure the level of active drug in a user’s blood which in effect proves the legitimacy of these Cipla (FDA approved) generic PrEP drugs. As we are the only country in Europe where 3 months of generic PrEP can be imported for personal use and our NHS is the only healthcare system in Europe currently offering these tests, the rest of Europe is now looking to the UK and our anonymised TDM test results as reassurance and proof of legitimacy for generic PrEP bought online through 1 of our 4 listed sellers.”

You can learn more about PrEP and its availability in the UK at the iwantprepnow.co.uk website.

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